SM-UA-EX corrugated spring fixing machine on wooden beams

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Dimensions: width 1.10 m, height 1.9 m, length 3.60 (2.60 removal table – optional)

Holders RapidClip FW or F, FG (vibrating accumulator – holds about 2000 units at a time).

Dimensions of wooden beams: thickness from 20 to 100 mm; length from 400 to 2200 mm, width from 25 to 100 mm.

Modular pneumatic instrument BeA – K14 / 25 with top – loading clamp, holding about 2000 pcs. cufflinks.

Cufflinks, holders and wooden beam cartridges are refilled without interrupting the work cycle.

Bracket mounting speed: 1 bracket – 1.5 sec. (capacity about 100 thousand holders per week, working 1 shift).

The pneumatic beam thickness compensation system (version EX) compensates for the beam height, which allows the brackets to be attached correctly with a beam thickness error of up to 5 mm.

The electronic memory system (one thousand individual beam settings) allows you to quickly reset the desired product type.