Since 1980, Alfamacchine has been specializing in the production of equipment and fittings for joining frame blanks at an angle of 45 °. It offers a wide range of angle flanges, saws for cutting double-saws at an angle of 45 °, for the installation of fully automated lines for photo-frames and forging machines for holding metal plates in a frame.
The devices have a modern design, are durable, reliable and easy to maintain. Both simple (simple) equipment (for small service companies) and high-performance, electronically controlled equipment for large production companies are produced. The essence of the idea of ​​joining workpieces with â € VVâ € œshaped staples is to forge a specially profiled staple made of thin steel sheet into two interconnected workpieces. Alfamacchine production facilities allow forging up to three staples in one place (point). The possibility of pushing one staple in another staple increases the height of the joint, which is ideal when joining workpieces of different height profiles. â € žVâ € œ staples can be available in different heights: 3, 4, 5, 10, 12 and 15 mm packs of 200 pieces and are made with different sharpness (sharpness) angles depending on the hardness of the wood or MDF used. Alfamacchine’s special patented V-clamp shape ensures additional force for coupling workpieces.