BeA offers industrial bonding techniques using a thermally soluble bonding agent.
Properly selected type of glue and the appropriate applicator solves many quick-connect problems.
Ethyl-vinyl octane (HM), polyofelin (SP90) and polyamide (PA) -based adhesives are used in every industry, and Hotmelt is more than just an adhesive.

The following may apply:
* as a mounting coupling (very quick connection)
* for connection by filling (flooding)
* as a shell or insulation
* to impregnate and strengthen fabrics
* for sealing and filling cracks
* as a seal when closing cardboard boxes

You are offered modern adhesives and professional tools that do not contain solvents and toxic substances.
Please define your requirements and we will help you choose the right tools and glue.

Hot melt technology
12mm heat guns
43mm thermal melting guns
Thermal melting tank systems