Adhesive type Inserts Ø [mm] Viscosity at 180 ° C Open time Properties
CASTTEC 42 2500cps Up to 3 minutes CASTTEC hot-melt adhesive is a high-performance product with an extended open time. It can be casted or sprayed. The chemical composition of the adhesive has been matched to the requirements of the concrete mold industry. It connects wood, plastics and metal very well to form elements.
In the prefabrication of concrete, construction elements, columns, ceilings, walls and architectural elements: wherever sometimes you need to change the shape
Fast and easy fixing of various elements to the prefabricated forms, for example: to the side board formwork, to the steel table, to the mold made of wood, polystyrene, styrodur or PVC
You can also stick large and heavy elements, for example sides, as well as delicate and small ones, such as technological holes. Slings, electrical boxes
Types of hot melt adhesive B.PRO CASTTEC
Length / type of joint Index Quantity in package
10 kg


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