SM-UA-EX beam fixing wave spring cramping device

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Technical data

Dimensions: width 1.10 m, height: 1.9 m, length 3.60 + (2.60 collection bench – optionally)

Magazines RapidClip FW or F. FG (vibration accumulator at a time places approx. 2000 pcs. magazines ).

Wooden beam dimensions: Thickness from 20 to 100 mm; Length from 400 to 2200 mm. width from 25 to 100 mm.

Modular pneumatic tool BeA – K14/25 with top loaded magazine the capacity of which is up to 2000 pcs. of studs.

Stud magazine and wooden beam cassette filling is performed not interrupting the production cycle.

Magazine mounting rate: 1 magazine in 1.5 sec. (the capacity approx. 100 thousand magazines per week when working 1 shift).

Pneumatic beam thickness amendment system (version EX) amends beam height what enables