General purpose pneumatic bench HS1403 for manufacturing of different design and size wooden pallets

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Technical data

An option of extremely easy and fast adjusting and preparation of the system for operation (using different nuts, applying and removing stithy, it is possible to nail different design and structure pallets or platforms);
Automatically secured (using pneumatic method) holders ensure reproducibility of dimensional sizes of ready pallets;
Having an option of nailing upper and lower parts of pallet (having nailed top (upper parts) of pallet at a single motion of a hand „ergonomiškai“ we overturn a pallet for lower parts securing in a right position);
Pneumatic lifting of a ready (nailed) pallet.

Max. dimensions of a tray: 1800 x 1300 mm
Types of nailed pallets: with logs, with 3 and 4 beams, panels
An option of nailing only pallet legs (up to 9 pieces can be loaded on abench)

Length: 2.22 m
Width: 1.47 m