Circular saw diameter: 350 mm
Cutting range:
max. workpiece width: 80 mm
max. workpiece height: 80 mm
Productivity: 500-600 cuts per hour
Drive: indirect / two electric motors 2800 rpm
Extraction of sawdust: two openings 80 mm
Power supply: 3-phase / 380 V
Power consumption: 3 kW
Supply with compressed air: 5-8 bar
Air consumption per cycle: 15 ltr; at 5 bar
Weight: 380 kg
Dimensions (without table extensions) 750 (W) x 800 (L) x 1550 (A)
Pneumatic saw speed controller
Adjustable saw lift height / range
Feeding table length: 1200 mm
Reception table with meter length: 1200, mm
Suggested accessories:
– extension of the right reception and priming table
– flanges for small diameter saws (80 mm)
– single-phase motors
– cooling system for cooling saws with cooler (for cutting aluminum)