Technical data

Minigraf 4 Electronic is a machine designed for the manufacturing of large-sized wooden and MDF frameworks.
Minigraf 4E is an electronically controlled version of the Minigraf 4 machine. Additional versions of it are 2P and 3P (the symbols (the number and the letter) means the number of different positions the staples can be inserted), programmable by two or three buffers.
The electronic control panel is for programming:
1.- the number of staples at a given point.
2.- the number of positions (nailing points) and the sequence of nailing.
3.- the operating speed of the machine adjusted to the wood hardness. The electronic control is equipped with quick programmable pushbuttons, a display (screen) indicating the set parameters and a counter.
When the frame parts are placed, the operator starts the assembling cycle by pressing the electronic foot pedal once.

Connection angle: 90 degree (an option to connect at 120 or 135 degree angles)
Framework thickness: 5-80 mm
Framework width: 10-80 mm
Magazine capacity: 220 pcs. of V-staples