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BizeA - about us

About us

We specialize in wholesale and retail sales of connection tools.
We offer only high quality, reliable pneumatic driving attachments and connectors thanks to which you will be able to perform the operations quicker, more accurately and cost-efficiently.

We offer:

BEA pneumatic and aeriform driving attachments ;
staples, nails, pins, thermal glue, and other connectors produced by BEA and BIZON;
Cutting and angle joining equipment produced by Italian company ALFAMACCHINE;
Different purpose accessories for operations with pneumatic tools: air supply hoses, preparation units, various connectors, specialist oil, etc.

BizeA - siūlome
BizeA - Spreiz, Flare
We provide:

Prompt, long-term and high quality warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repair of BEA pneumatic tools

We ensure:

Professional assistance in relation to production automation issues; long-term and timely supplies of driving attachments and connectors.

Briefly about our company:

UAB BizeA successfully performs its activity since 2002. We are an official agent of one of the biggest and most promising Polish and German company (run under the same name BIZEA), who supplies the Lithuanian market with premium quality connection tools.

An international company BIZEA was established in cooperation with the German manufacturer BEA, which provides pneumatic and aeriform tools, as well as with the Polish company BIZON, which manufactures metal connectors.

BeA logo

  The German company BEA has centuries-old tool manufacturing traditions, based on German quality, rationality and precision, therefore the produced connection tools feature premium quality, precise and efficient performance.

BIZON logo  Staples, nails, pins, and other products manufactured by the well-known Polish company BIZON are produced under a modern and advanced technology and are made of high grade galvanized stainless steel or aluminum. Long-term experience of this company, as well as its technological solutions, allow ensuring the provision of high quality connection products.


BizeA - the solutions that ensure quality!

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