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Compressed air installation designed for pneumatic tools                                                                                       Downloadfile

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The resin coat is warmed by friction heat during fastening operation and bonds the wood with the fastener. This enhances adhesion quality. Thus a potential tensile load is increased. Construction staples must be resin coated according to DIN 1052, Part 2. We care about environmental protection, therefore we strive that the resins used would not only ensure excellent adhesion, but also be environmentally-friendly.

2. What types of fasteners are certified according to DIN 1052, Part 2; do we offer certified staples?

The company BeA Deutschland Befestigungstechnik GmbH produces and sells various types (stainless and galvanized) and different length (38–75 mm) construction staples certified according to DIN 1052, Part 2. Wire thickness is up to 1.8 – 5 mm. The staples are resin coated and can take a permanent load in pull-out direction. This has to be proved regularly with corresponding tests.
1. Certification for staples
2. DIN 1052, Part 2 for nails
3. EPAL permission
Our quality control system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ensures customer supply only with high quality products.

3. Which tool matches which compressor and what do I have to observe in choosing a compressor?
Container volume x 2 bar x 60 = effectively delivered air quantity / min..
Operation seconds

Compressor BeA K 190-10 fill a 10 l container from 6 bars to 8 bars in exactly 12 seconds:

10 x 2 x 60 = 100 = l / min effectively delivered air quantity

Calculation example for compressor BeA K 190-10:
Effectively delivered air quantity should be by 100% higher than use of air in a pneumatic tool to be connected. This ensures – besides a safety reserve – that the compressor works only 50% and thus a longer lifetime of the compressor. This means you have to cut in halve the real quantity delivered for your calculation.
For example, in case of compressor BeA K 190-10:

Suction power:  190 l / min.
Effective quantity of air delivered: 100 l / min.
Utilisation 50% 50 l / min. (when using longer air lines, 10% line loss should be taken into consideration)
Remaining for the device: 50 l / min.

Pneumatic nailer BeA Type 420 needs 0.3 l/cycle and has a capacity of driving in 166 staples/min. with the above-mentioned compressor (50l / 0.3l / cycle).

4. Kokios yra prietaiso ir prietaisų grupės oro sąnaudos?
Modelis 420 Didžiausias ilgis 16 mm 0,3 l / smūg.
Modelis 500 Didžiausias ilgis 25 mm 0,45 l / smūg.
Modelis 600 Didžiausias ilgis 45 mm 0,9 l / smūg.
Modelis 150 Didžiausias ilgis 54 mm 1,5 l / smūg.
Modelis 700 Didžiausias ilgis 50 mm 1,5 l / smūg.
Modelis 800 Didžiausias ilgis 65 mm 2,5 l / smūg.
DC 550 Didžiausias ilgis 55 mm 2,0 l / smūg.
DC 700 Didžiausias ilgis 70 mm 2,5 l / smūg.
DC 800 Didžiausias ilgis 130 mm 6,0 l / smūg.
955 juostinė viniakalė Didžiausias ilgis 100 mm 8,0 l / smūg.


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